Industrial Control Cyber Security Nuclear


Location : The Centre Birchwood Park

  • Warrington, , Birchwood Park, Warrington
  • 13-10-2020 to 30-11--0001
  • 09:00 - 17:00
  • Commercial: £799, Operators: £400
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The Cyber Senate Industrial Control Cybersecurity Nuclear conference consists of presentations and debate from some of the Nuclear energy industry's leading end users from Operational and IT backgrounds, Government influencers, leading cybersecurity authorities and some of the world's most influential solution providers.

Job titles include CIO, CISO, SCADA Security Directors, Cyber Security Managers, Global Directors, CTO's, CIP Security and Compliance, Chief Engineers, Head of Operational Technology, Head of Information Security, IT Security and Threat Intelligence professionals

2016 will provide insight into how industry can further develop organisational priorities, effective methodologies, educate procurement, ensure supply chain security and how to incorporate security throughout the ICS lifecyle through the engineering process by developing appropriate security measures in specification, operation and design.

Gain further understanding of the risks and opportunities created by the convergence of operational and information technology
Understand current areas of vulnerability, threat detection, mitigation, maturity capability models and risk management.
Take away tools to assist in developing organisational priorities, methodologies and how to effectively deploy defense in-depth strategies.
Join your industry counterparts in defining and benchmarking supplier responsibilities, supply chain cyber security and adapting new models for procurement.
Help define a culture of awareness for your organisation, understand the importance of training and take lessons learned back to your team to progress your internal resilience
Take part and contribute to the technological transformation IT/OT shift involving design, implementation and integration requiring the collaborative efforts of two unique but historically different skillsets.

Speakers: Donald D. Dudenhoeffer, International Atomic Energy Agency, Richard Bach, Assistant Director for Cyber Security, UK Department for Culture, Media and Sport Robert Orr, Head of Cyber Security and Information Assurance Regulation, Civil Nuclear Security Programme, Office for Nuclear Regulation, Gary Horscroft, Lead Security Manager and Chief Information Security Officer, Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, Phil Litherland, Head of Electrical, Control and Instrumentation Systems Design Authority, Nuclear New Build, EDF Energy, Franky Thrasher, Information Security Officer and Cyber Security Researcher, Laborelec ENGIE, Walt Sikora, Vice President, Industrial Control Systems, Lockheed Martin, Logrhythm, Cezar Georgescu, Department Head - Control and Protection Systems, Horizon Nuclear, Chris Blask, Director of Webster University's Cyberspace Research Institute, Cyberspace Research Institute (CRI) at Webster University, Peter Fraser-Hopewell, Head of Group Security, ETC Ltd Will Ollerhead, Group Information Security Manager, ETC Ltd, Darktrace, Chris Kubecka, Director, HypaSec, Brian Lightowler, Managing Director QG Business Solutions

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