Ghost Hunt at Sunderland Aircraft Museum


Location : Sunderland Aircraft Museum

  • Sunderland, , Old Washington Rd
  • 30-04-2011 to 30-11--0001
  • 21:00 - 22:00
  • £35
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This former airfield began life in 1916 and survived two world wars it now stands a museum showing old aircrafts and the ghosts of the past
A pilot has been seen walking the grounds and finally ends up in the workshop where footsteps are often heard, the same man has also been reported asking people for help.

Another ghost that is said to haunt the museum is a man called George who apparently fell to his death sunbathing on the roof of one of the hangers also a man with an injured leg known as frank is said to walk hangers the click-click – click of his walking stick is often heard.

Join us as we investigate