The Pied Piper - A Brand New Musical for All The Family


Location : Stockport Plaza

  • Stockport, , Mersey Square
  • 12-10-2020 to 30-11--0001
  • 02:00 - 07:00
  • From £10
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A Timeless Classic Appealing To All Ages
This thrilling adventure is enhanced by a truly magical musical score.

Hold onto your seats as Mistress Spellbind takes you on a magical journey to Hamelin, a rich town suddenly overrun with rats, led by the scheming Marshall Moulder and his sidekick, Corporal Canker.

All seems lost but Peter, the Pied Piper, arrives to rid the town of its rats.

The greedy and untrustworthy Mayor Trinkelmann and Townsfolk promise a rich reward but refuse to pay up when the job is done.

Hamelin children, horrified at their parents’ broken promise and accompanied by Trudi and Peter, leave home, refusing to return until Peter has been paid.

A violent storm occurs. Peter and Trudi are separated from the children who run ahead to shelter in a mountain cavern, only to be trapped inside when the entrance mysteriously closes.

Mistress Spellbind explains the Legend of the Locked Mountain and the terms of the hazardous Quest to break its powerful hold.

Together, Peter and Trudi embark on a spectacular journey to free the children.

What breathtaking adventures lie in store?
Will they survive each death-defying trial?
Will they unlock the mountain’s grip?
Will the children be saved?
Will everyone live happily ever after?