Omnium Gatherum and Skalmold at Rescue Rooms, Nottingham


Location : The Rescue Rooms

  • Nottingham, , 25 Goldsmith Street
  • 12-10-2020 to 30-11--0001
  • 19:00 - 23:00
  • General Admission: GBP 17.00
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Tidal Concerts proudly presents:
Omnium Gatherum and Skalmold - The Arctic Circle Alliance – Chapter II
plus Stam1na

Doors - 7:00pm // Price - £17.00 Adv.
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Omnium Gatherum -
Hailing from Finland, Omnium Gatherum is a band playing fierce death metal with breathtaking melodies and progressive originality for people in the metal field looking for something different that still is catchy. A band that truly walks it's own path proudly and shows some new exciting sides on identifiable character. A band of many directions and styles, some of them clearly visible while others were more unseen - namely working and keeping it all together under the moniker of melodic life-and-death metal and bastardizing it with various influences. Adult oriented death metal that it is!

Skalmold -
Skalmold plays music that could be described as Battle Metal, a potion of Epic Viking Metal, old school Death and Thrash Metal, entwined with the Icelandic heritage. The lyrics are all written under the strict rules of the ancient Icelandic poetry and influenced by the heathen roots of the Nordic nation. The outcome is a powerful mixture of Heavy Metal and Heroic Sagas, erupting from the boiling core of the frozen Island.
The band puts on a killer show, rock tight and energetic, so be sure don't to miss out on Skalmold. And in the end, who would be better suited for telling stories of the Vikings but the Vikings themselves?


Omnium Gatherum, Skalmold, Stam1na