Chemical Engineering


  • 28-04-2020 to 30-04-2020
  • 09:00 - 17:00
  • Course fee: GBP 1500.0
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R&D scientists are often at a disadvantage when working in process research and development because of their lack of knowledge about the basic principles of chemical engineering, and the impact of decisions regarding process yield and selectivity on up- and downstream operations. Other branches of engineering face a similar disadvantage when considering the whole process.

This course has been developed, and is presented, by chemical engineers and chemists who specialise in facilitating knowledge transfer and understanding between different scientific and engineering disciplines working at the R&D-manufacturing interface. As a result, it does not dwell on the derivation of mathematical formulae or equations used in chemical engineering design, but instead focuses on what other disciplines need to know about the information and data that chemical engineers require for design, scale-up and process troubleshooting.

Chemical engineering without mathematics is impossible, but this course presents only relevant mathematics at a level that should not trouble anyone with a numerate scientific degree. Other disciplines do not need to know how to design plants or equipment and this course does not attempt to teach this. The course focuses on understanding chemical engineering principles to promote clear communication between disciplines, facilitating information and knowledge transfer.


Venue details: Crowne Plaza Manchester - Oxford Road, 55 Booth Street West, Greater Manchester, M15 6PQ, United Kingdom

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Speakers: Dr Charles M Gordon, Mr Robert Peeling