Bruce Denny's exhibition at the Albermarle


Location : The Albemarle Gallery

  • London, Soho, 49 Albemarle Street
  • 14-10-2009 to 30-11--0001
  • 10:00 - 18:00
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Bruce Denny Sculpture

Is there still a place for figurative sculpture in our modern world?
Bruce Denny adds a contemporary twist to the figurative nude

Modern art seems to be getting more and more minimalist, to the point where nobody can see the meaning of it without an explanation from the artist. Conceptual art goes a step further and is all about the idea, caring little about its execution. Does all modern art have to be this way? Sculptor Bruce Denny doesn’t think so. His work is about tangible feelings and connecting with people. He borrows from the classics using the naked human form to express ideas and emotions, but with an energy that very much reflects the modern world, and in bronze, a material that renders it timeless.
“We are bombarded with images of naked flesh trying to sell us everything from underwear to ice-cream” says Bruce, “and yet there is still a prudishness about the naked form that makes it difficult to place it in the public arena.” It is maybe this that makes it easier for people to choose amorphous modern paintings and sculpture, as it doesn’t explicitly say anything about the buyer or the viewer.
Bruce’s aim is to strip back the trappings of class and culture to analyse basic human traits that are visible in us all. The complexities of our culture and the pressures of the modern world affect our lives immeasurably, but our reactions to these external forces stem from basic human truths that are common to us all. These ideas were explored in Bruce’s first exhibition, “Humanity”. Now in his new work it is our “Interaction” that intrigues him; with ourselves, with others and with our environment.
“In an age when many contemporary sculptors choose to delegate their ideas to artisans to execute it is refreshing and encouraging to find a sculptor who chooses the arguably more difficult and technically challenging route of engaging directly with his chosen media. Bruce Denny is such a sculptor. For him the exploration and depiction of the human form through the manipulation of clay is the fundamental aesthetic of his work. Classically inspired the result of his endeavours are superbly crafted , tactile figures cast in bronze. Each piece communicates a sense of harmony and intimacy expressed in a concise language which is able to connect at all levels of public appreciation.”
Says Tony Pontone of the Albemarle Gallery.

A versatile collection that involves the viewer

We are all used to seeing individual bronze sculptures, or fixed tableau representing a scene from history or mythology. “Interaction” is a collection of individual pieces, each with its own characteristics and personality, which can be placed together in various ways to create different scenes. The pieces are thereby interacting with each other, with the space they are occupying, and with the curator who has the opportunity to alter the meaning of the final piece with his selection and placement.
“Interaction” will be showing at Art London and the Albemarle Gallery, London in October. For more details, please visit