Ghost Hunting At Warmsworth Hall, Doncaster, Yorkshire, with Simply Ghost Nights


  • 12-10-2020 to 30-11--0001
  • 21:00 - 03:00
  • £49.00
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Fancy being a ghost hunter for a night, at this eerie event then join, Simply Ghost Nights as we will be hosting a paranormal investigation at this very popular venue of Warmsworth Hall in Doncaster, which has become a firm favourite with ghost hunters in the UK. It is said some of the staff at the nearby hotel are so afraid to step into the building at night, they simply hand over the keys at the end of their shift, and quickly return to the comfort and safety of the nearby hotel.

Warmsworth Hall is always a fabulous place to hold a ghost hunting investigation as it houses many spirits who are happy to communicate with the living. Spirits of young children are renowned sightings here in almost every part of the house, so lots of mischief occurs to the staff and visitors throughout the year. Watch the contents of your pockets as it is known for spirit children to participate in the art of 'pick pocketing'.

Paranormal Activity reported in the past include :-

One gentleman who was attending a course at the hall, had been aware of a sensation of something moving around under the table in front of him, so decided to take a look, he was horrified to witness a very scruffy looking boy playing with his shoes who then vanished before his eyes.

Another eye witness account was when two men were walking towards the hotel entrance reported they had seen two boys in flat caps, knocking on the window of the hall begging to be let out, the men rushed to tell the hotel staff there were two young boys trapped in the hall (it remains locked when not in use), the manager went immediately to release the boys to find the hall locked up and nobody in the building.

A soldier often seen on the servants staircase, a woman seen looking through a window which is over eight feet off the ground, a young boy often seen sitting in a corner who appears to be cleaning shoes. A young boy called James is a regular sighting and has been known to touch people as well as open belts and pick pockets etc, disembodied voices heard when the building is completely empty.

These are just a few of the eerie goings on at the very creepy Warmsworth Hall. Come and join the Simply Ghost Nights for a haunted night if you dare!