Ghost Hunting At Cusworth Hall, Doncaster, With Simply Ghost Nights, & Chris Conway


  • 12-10-2020 to 30-11--0001
  • 21:00 - 03:00
  • £59.00
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We wouldn`t want to be anywhere other than a firm favourite of Simply Ghost Nights, Cusworth Hall in Doncaster for our Christmas festivities. The historical and much loved Cusworth Hall in Doncaster, set amongst a backdrop of picturesque scenery of woodlands and fields Cusworth Hall has been one of the most exciting and interesting places we have ever held a paranormal investigation at

It was built in the 18th century and was once home to the Battie-Wrightson family, Cusworth Hall is ,no longer a family home but it has now been converted into a museum for all ages, however it still maintains many period features on display for all to see under the stewardship of Doncaster council.

Dare you enter the 'hearse room', or find out what spirits reside in and around this spooky building. It is said to be haunted by a number of individual spirits, including the ghost of the grey lady, a man is seen standing by the grand fireplace in the entrance, and children have been seen and heard in the classroom area based in the basement, as well as a Victorian dressed lady. There is said to be the spirit of a former worker who fell to his death in a tragic accident, whom is said to make his presence known to visitors on numerous occasions.

On a previous visit we experienced the following activity in a vigil in the main room adjoining the school room, Mel and a group of ghost hunters were calling out for the ghostly residents of Cusworth hall to make the child's rocking horse move, Mel said that the rocking horse did not move, however as the group were about to leave the room the rocking horse moved to and fro to the astonishment of the group.

In the atmospheric hearse room Stuart explained how the table begun to tip with the brave ghost hunters fingers slightly touching the table, this was the first instance that Allison, Kerry, Nicola and Becky had seen such a sight, as it had them all opened mouthed as the table begun to turn in a circle. Also the table would go to each ghost hunter on request as though chasing them around the room to the pleasure of the group.

It was also in the hearse room that Stuart recorded an array of K2 interference, with the lights going all the way up to red on request. The group were calling out for the spirits to go to the green light on the K2 and they obliged to the excitement of the group, spiking the green light to go to red on may occasions.

Tom also mentioned some fluctuations with the sound enhancer when conducting a table tapping experiment as well. As the event came to an end the guests and the Simply Ghost Nights team all spoke at length and all agreed that it had been a very active night to say the least.

The team all agree that Cusworth Hall is one of the most active places we have ever investigated on ghost hunts, needless to say we are certain this event will be a sell out!.

Come and join the Simply Ghost Nights team if you dare!