Song of the Owl Headed Dakini


  • 25-06-2011 to 30-11--0001
  • 10:30 - 17:00
  • £75 concessions available
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Weekend event with Ngak´chang Rinpoche and Khandro Déchen
Saturday 25th June - Sunday 26th June

The Song of the Owl Headed Dakini is not a song to be sung – but rather, a jolt to the system which might well give rise to singing for pure joy. The Song of the Owl Headed Dakini is a cycle of teachings received in vision by Aro Lingma (1886 – 1923). These bring out the radical non-dual nature of the essential Buddhist themes which been handed down from the time of Shakyamuni Buddha and the Mahasiddhas. The Lamas explain the heart of Dharma as it is found within the secular world. Dzogchen is shown to be the pinnacle of the Buddhist path, and also to be the brilliant thread which connects all teachings as a direct means of realising the natural state of pure presence. Transmission will be given for the methods of trèk-chöd which function through the fabric of everyday life. Trèk-chöd—‘exploding the horizon of conventional reality’—reveals the nature of our Mind – and this recognition liberates our intrinsic delight in all circumstances.

“Dharma never tires of explaining itself through those committed to teaching. To everyone who has questions or incomprehension, Dharma re-clothes itself in fresh terms. No book of truth can contain Dharma – because Dharma speaks to every style of confusion; and the styles of confusion are as variegated as the cultures, societies, and epochs in which we live. The Song of the Owl Headed Dakini is a stirring anthem to freedom and to the sheer glee evoked by direct insight into the nature of reality.”

—Ngak’chang Rinpoche

Cost £75 concessions available

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