• 20-02-2012 to 30-11--0001
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TeamSport have just opened Bristol's first multi-level laser tag arena right next to their go karting track - offering a great adrenaline packed day out!

The multiple levels available at Laser Tag Bristol provide intense and challenging laser tag like you’ve never experienced before. There are valuable sniping positions through steel grating on the upper level and a risky maze section on the lower. Plus with a state-of-the-art sound system providing an exciting soundtrack to your games and smoke effect clouding your vision, the atmosphere is amped, and those life or death decisions are made that much more tense. Whether you choose to play stealthily or just go in Rambo style, you’re sure to have fun doing it.

The Laser Tag Bristol Arena also offers state of the art, groundbreaking laser tag equipment. Every soldier is equipped with the DarkLight Version 5 BodySuit and Phaser weapon. The BodySuit is a low profile, flexible, soft suit in which you can play games that up until now, technology would not allow. The Phaser is a lightweight, tagging weapon from out of this world. Complete with dual triggers, it is a remarkably accurate gun, enabling you to pick off other laser tag competitors with ease. For those laser tag veterans out there who feel things might be a bit easy, the Phaser can have different ranges for different powers – perfect for the different styles of play available at Laser Tag Bristol.

Laser Tag Bristol offers a multitude of different missions and game types with solo laser tag and team missions. In total there are a total of 10 different laser combat mission types to choose from to test all ages and abilities.