Role of the Director and the Board Course IoD


Location : The Merchant Hotel

  • Belfast, , 16 Skipper Street
  • 12-10-2020 to 30-11--0001
  • 09:30 - 17:00
  • Memebrs: GBP 2250, Non-Members: GBP 2700
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This course provides an essential introduction to the role, duties and legal responsibilities of director, and to the workings on a board.

Delivering an essential understanding of the board's role in corporate governance and risk management, this introduction to the duties and legal responsibilities of a director will enable you to tackle the challenges of the boardroom with fresh confidence and progress your career to the next level.

Whether you're a newly appointed director, aspiring to a position on the board, or looking to improve your performance with fresh insight, this practical two-day course will equip you with the crucial knowledge and skill-set to fulfil your role successfully.

Develop a practical understanding of best practice in the boardroom. In addition to recognising the director's key legal responsibilities, you will be conversant with the board's role in corporate governance and be able to ensure transparency in internal procedures such as executive appointment and remuneration. You'll be able to efficiently assess risk, and know how to effectively manage stakeholders while acting in your organisation's best interests.

Learning objectives:
* Gain an in-depth view of the key duties, roles and legal responsibilities of the modern director.
* Understand the essential differences between direction, management and ownership.
* Examine the board's role in corporate governance and learn how to improve board effectiveness.
* Understand the legal status of a company and other organisations and implications of the Company Act 2006.

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