La Boutique Fantastique


Location : Whites Tavern

  • Belfast, , Winecellar Entry
  • 19-08-2011 to 30-11--0001
  • 22:00 - 01:30
  • £5
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La Boutique Fantastique

Dj Gregz McCann
The Cool, The Kitsch & Various Curiosities
Every Friday 10pm - 1:30am
Adm. £5

Whites Tavern

Winecellar Entry, Belfast


An Eclectic selection of the cool, the kitsch and the curious. Party anthems from Soul to Indie, Funk to Rock & Disco, New Wave, Alternative & 80s Pop.........

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Roll up, Roll up, Roll up,
and witness an esteemed addition to nightlife in the heart of Belfast,
a venerable array of aural delights awaits you in the citys oldest tavern.
People come witness a kaleidoscopic club,
featuring classic cuts from every music era...

Gramophone grooves, 80s disco moves all played at your leisure.
Movie soundtracks that have gleaned many many musical treasures.
Marvels of mod that are on display just for good measure.
Gin joint jumpers, Shindig stompers assembled for your pleasure.

Prepare to be stunned as they all merge as one,
Pogo inducing party favs of every type and genre.
electro pop rock and funk, rhythm and blues, country disco and punk,
ska indie be-bop new wave and soul all endeavor.

Authentic anthems of an alternative nature,
nostalgic nuggets of pop for you to savour.
Come and be thrilled at the works on offer,
amazed and captivated, at its many flavours.

A rag tag format that spans the ages,
a thrift shop ethos that works like Eros.
No supreme definition multi sound hocus pocus
Selections all made with only dance floor focus.

Record fair finds, car boot discoveries,
from every conceivable caste,
no expense has been spared,
spreading the word and assembling the formidable cast.

From Technicolor to times of the silver screen,
Every one a certified killer.
Discos like youve never seen
Dancehall & Sarsaparilla.

La Boutique Fantastique,
a club with many mothers,
with sounds and beats created by
various sisters & brothers.


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